Пастырский семинар "Консультирование на православном приходе" (11-12 мая 2014 года)

Пастырский семинар "Консультирование на православном приходе" (11-12 мая 2014 года)

300666.jpg11-12 мая Свято-Сергиевская православная богословская академия приглашает на пастырский семинар священника-профессора Николая Соляка.

Священник-профессор Николай Соляк - доктор практического богословия, профессор Свято-Владимирской православной богословской семинарии в штате Нью-Йорк (США), клирик Православной церкви в Америке. 

Workshop Description:

This workshop will carefully cover the area of overlap parish ministry encounters with pastoral counseling. We will consider the place of pastoral counseling within parish ministry; the Gospel of Christ as the foundation of pastoral counseling; the scriptural, liturgical, sacramental, spiritual, and theological foundation of pastoral counseling with special attention on the reflection of the Christian tradition of pastoral care with our modern parish context.

Workshop Objectives:

Students who complete this course will be able to

· demonstrate an advanced competency of pastoral counseling skills in the contemporary Orthodox parish setting.

· demonstrate the ability to integrate spiritual and faith issues in counseling parishioners with interpersonal and intrapersonal problems.

· develop greater self-awareness and self-reflection skills and gain greater comfort with counseling skills and models of therapy.

· understand the basic terms of professional ethics and be able to apply these to pastoral care situations.

· integrate advanced theological knowledge into one's ministry in the local context.

· communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ more effectively in the pastoral counseling setting.

· develop skills in pastoral counseling.

· demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practice of ministry in the Orthodox tradition with the contributions of contemporary social sciences.

Workshop Topics:

· Crisis intervention

· Short term goal focused counseling

· Pastoral marriage counseling

· Pastoral family counseling

· Pastoral care and professional ethics

· Christian anthropology and human development

· Pastoral counseling: skills and models

· Addiction ... especially internet pornography addiction

This workshop will be structured to provide an atmosphere of shared inquiry. Several forums will be used to help students learn and explore the topics such as lectures, role plays, student presentations, discussions, and sharing of experiences and knowledge. The workshop will have an atmosphere of openness, trust, and honesty that encourages and invites everyone to participate fully. Students will be expected to share his/her own insights in order to enhance each other’s learning; engage with the ideas of others through listening, questioning, and critiquing their ideas in such as way as to help them think more clearly and deeply; and maintain an openness to learning, changing one’s mind, and forming deeper convictions.

Fr_Nicholas_Family.jpgОрг.взнос за участие - 4 000 рублей.

Количество участников ограничено.

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